A happy me

A happy me
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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

More Frugal RUSTIC ideas

Oh how I love Rustic.  I live in a very rustic little 'cottage' feel home...you walk in and just kick your shoes off. Home.

Here are some ideas I fell in love with and hope to incorporate into our little home by the lake.  (Mr. Eye Candy...are you reading this? hee hee)

ok again w/ the hooks...but our house is small and we need hanging areas! This would be great in my closet. :)

Now this one is probably my favorite idea!!! LOVE...and Mr. Eye Candy could EASILY make this for me. :)

These are gorgeous!

Cute idea for an outdoor shelf! Old garden tools!

Now this I love too! Awesome.

My dream table!!!! (although it would have to be thinner! our house is tiny)

for those of you that know me...you were probably wondering when I was gonna post one of these!! HA HA The chair is cool too. :)

And this last one....would be Amazing in the Princess' bedroom! As there is no closet up there!! WARDROBE!

Have a great day everyone!  We are having a snow day...so it's a fun day of cooking in the kitchen for me!


  1. Love those ideas Lana and "less really is MORE"...believe me, I know!

  2. Forgot to tell you that you look amazing!!

  3. I love how the coat rack one uses curtain things for the hooks. LOL!

    I have a 6 foot long coat rack in my mudroom that is rustic. It is made from scrap and the hooks are old door knobs and the really old electric things that used to be on electric poles (made of glass). It looks like it hangs up by a piece of barbed wire fence, but I screwed it into the wall to make it more usable, and the fence is more for looks.

  4. oh I love #2 but I really want a pie rack lol. I have been trying to declutter this stupid house for 2 months now. I am such a hoarder (not like Hoarders, OMG) just crazy cluttered. I was hoping once we got a new home to kind of sift through the junk and get a more stream line home. However it has been 2 years that we have been looking and i really need to just do the declutter, lol.