A happy me

A happy me
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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Dr. Visit (consult) Continuing the Journey

Ok, so today was THE doctor visit!!!! I arrived at the doctor's office at 9:30 for my day long appointment. The first half of the day was spent with the nutritionist discussing the options on food after surgery and what to put on the grocery list. Very informative by the way.  I realized after going through my 3 day food log with her, that I do NOT eat enough protein. I guess most of us don't.  We should be eating or drinking 80+ grams of protein a DAY! wow. Then I got to meet my surgeon, Dr. Featherstone,. AWESOME!!!!!! He's great! It's all about patient care.  I love his staff and think this is going to be a fantastic journey.  They don't just do your surgery and drop you .... you have a life long relationship with them.

I have my psych eval scheduled, my upper GI scheduled, my mammogram (yuck!!! really???) scheduled.  All by April 7th. So, by the looks of things, after alllllllll the appointments are done, and paperwork sent in, I won't have surgery until JUNE.  Not happy about that, but they DO have a cancellation list. ha! I'm gonna be on that one!

As for these mammograms...I am NOT looking forward to it.  I mean, you put a 10 lb jug in a vise and SQUEEZE it. Um...yeah. Think it's gonna hurt like a mother..well.. you know.  Only thing that sort of makes me feel a little better about it is that hubby is going with me (like he has a choice! ha), and I can complain and whine before and after. hee hee And maybe get him to buy me new shoes? ha!

For all of you following me and this crazy blog, get ready, because I'm gonna be pushing this thing into top gear as hard as I can!  I don't want the surgery in JUNE, because it won't work w/ my schedule for the lawn care! ha ha I NEED this surgery in early MAY at the latest.  Kids are still in school at this point too...which is a major PLUS.

Ok, so this is just an update and nothing exciting as I'd hoped at the beginning of the day.

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